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Florida Regional Envirothons

The state of Florida is divided into several different regional Envirothon groups.  Each regional group is comprised of several teams.  The teams compete locally and send their winning teams to the statewide Florida Envirothon competition in April of each year.  Each region is led by a regional leader who organizes the teams within their region and hosts a regional competition. 


To find your local team, please search the table below by entering in your county in the search box located above the table on the right.  Some counties may not have a regional leader (indicated by an "X" in the Regional Group field.)  You will find the name and contact information for the Regional Leader for your county.  Please contact the leader to get the specifics on teams in your area!

Interested in joining a local Envirothon team?  Please contact your local regional Envirothon leader!

Interested in becoming a regional leader or volunteering?  Please contact us:

Have any comments or questions?  We would love to hear from you!  Please email us:


Thank you!

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