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It’s about challenging our youth!

The Envirothon uses the outdoors as an alternative to classroom learning. In this natural setting, students become aware of the many environmental problems that exist today.  Working as a team, they learn to use critical thinking and problem solving skills to arrive at solutions to specific environmental problems.

It’s about making teaching fun!

The Envirothon encourages “hands-on” learning.  Students learn many interesting facts but, more importantly, learn to listen to various viewpoints to solve problems.  They also have the opportunity to learn from a variety of environmental education professionals.  This offers great opportunities for career counseling “in the field.”

It’s about changing attitudes!

The best way to promote positive behaviors is to promote positive attitudes.  That’s the key to a successful Envirothon. Teaching positive attitudes about the world around us has a ripple effect which spreads through communities and benefits the total environment.

It’s about preserving our future!

Today’s students are tomorrow’s homeowners, consumers and decision-makers.  Teachers are faced with the critical job of preparing students to make the best choices about our natural resources.   The Envirothon offers a unique approach to help teachers accomplish this task.  Using current information on environmental issues, teachers can prepare students to make educated decisions about the world around them.

What You Should Know!

  • The goal of the Envirothon Program is to help students become environmentally knowledgeable, skilled, dedicated citizens who are willing to work individually and collectively toward achieving and maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between the quality of life and the quality of the environment.

  • Participation in the Envirothon is open to all students enrolled in grades 9-12 in public, private, vocational technical or home-school programs.  Five students make up a team.

  • The Envirothon covers five natural resource issues: Aquatics, Forestry, Soils, Wildlife, Range and a current environmental issue, which changes annually.

  • The Envirothon for Florida includes a state competition held in Lewistown the last full week of April.  $500.00 cash awards for each First Place Team Member for the Montana Competition. Plus $300.00 cash awards for each team member for Highest Test Score.  Same team cannot win both.  The winning team from the Montana competition will go on to compete at the NCF-Envirothon each summer.   Awards will be offered for the 1st-10th place.

  •  The Envirothon is a product of county conservation districts.  These districts are assisted at each level of competition, by related state and federal environmental agencies and organizations.

  • Most materials are provided free of charge.  NCF- Envirothon materials are provided by the host state or province.


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